Surrogates are required to meet the criteria:

  •    Between the ages of 20 and 35
  •    Medically and psychologically healthy
  •    Non smoker and drugs free
  •    Has delivered a healthy child
  •    No family history of genetic disorders

Selection requirements


Surrogates’ eligibility criteria are strict as candidates need to meet the highest standard level of eligibility. The standard is set to assure ethical choice of surrogates and only to allow highly respectable women to undergo the treatment to help other couples.

We ascertain that your surrogate has both – experienced pregnancy and childbirth – and she is entering the process with a practical understanding of what it involves. 

Surrogates are not genetically related to the child. So, your surrogate is happy to nurse the child for the first nine months.


Vetting procedure

The team of previous surrogate mothers works to assure that all surrogate candidates (Angels candidates) undergo in depth medical screening to assure that they are physically, medically and emotionally fit for surrogacy challenges.


Rigorous medical screening process and evaluation of pregnancy history allows to determine the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy. Infectious diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV and hepatitis B and C… are screened for.

Step by step journey