Endometriosis surgery

Endometriosis surgery

Adenomyosis surgery

Cysts and fibroids surgery

My story at a glance:


I have had endometriosis for close to 30 years. In the old days, endometriosis was a grey area in medicine. 


I was diagnosed with endometrioma at 23 years old, 12 years after the first menstruation and that was already very painful. The pain was so unbearable that I passed out sometimes. I have had a few surgeries since then and have been under endo diet for more than 15 years which helped tremendously with the lifestyle.


But I was diagnosed with adenomyosis in 2015, which made the diet and the endometriosis vitamins that I have been taken less effective. As a result, multiple cysts and fibroids developed slowly but surely till my daily life became miserable yet again.


A few gynecologists recommended hysterectomy as they confirmed that there is nothing else they could do.

I contacted the Nook doctor mid 2022 who perfectly cleaned up the cysts and fibroids during the endometriosis surgery that lasted about 5 hours and without touching my own organs.


Today I am advocating and recommending my surgeon to you so that you can reach the same level of health and daily lifestyle. 

A Nook surgeon

A Nook doctor is a highly qualified surgeon with outstanding skills in endometriosis surgery

The level of knowledge in endometriosis coupled with the experience of extremely challenging endometriosis surgeries drive these few doctors to the wall of fame known as Nook doctors; a term that originate from Nancy’s Nook.

The beauty of these surgeons is that they are also expert in gynecology: hidden cysts or fibroids surgery are just simple procedures to them.

Endometriosis surgery
Endometriosis surgery
Endometriosis surgery

Excision is known as the best technique used to remove endometriosis during surgery

Your endometriosis surgery is already a success before it starts with our Nook’s doctor

A Nook’s doctor is among the number one in endometriosis surgery for desperate cases 

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