Egg donation

Egg donation

 A number of women with fertility problems require egg donation for various reasons:


 ivf process, stages, ivf, external, fertilization, implementation, fetus development  to carry their own pregnancy, hence IVF with egg donation is required.

freezing, embryo, treat, help, consultation, analysis  to freeze the eggs or the embryos for further treatment at a later date. Consequently, cryopreservation is the final goal.

pregnancy, woman, maternity, pregnant, baby, belly, birth  to undergo surrogacy, known as surrogacy with egg donation.

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Egg Donors


user, avatar, profile, girl, woman, sports, ponnytail  Egg donors are meticulously medical screened according to the ministry of the health standard.

scissors, shears, barbershop, hair, salon, barber, haircut Rigorous screening with just a fraction of candidates that are register in the database. 

mortarboard, graduation, education, school, university, college, graduate All donors secured at least a high school diploma; with the majority being young university students.

application, dating, love, matching Donor profiles that match Intended Parents requirements as close as possible will be presented for selection.

Step by step journey

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