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Who we are

Angels Friend s.r.o is a highly proud ethical surrogacy agency in Europe. Angels Friend was created to deliver stress free program to worldwide heterosexual couples with infertility issues or other medical conditions that prevent the female partner from carrying out a pregnancy  to full term.

Angels Friend is different from other agencies because of its ability to draw decisive conclusions from previous successful treatments in order to deliver great success rate. Angels Friends tailors the services that work best for your particular medical history by selecting the best options.

A hard decision

Surrogacy treatment represents the last hope of becoming parents for many couples.

Consecutive miscarriages, numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles, unexplained infertility… may have been experienced. Meanwhile your gynecologist or fertility clinic do not propose any other solutions than giving you hope that the next cycle will be successful, and repeating the same procedure on each IVF cycle over and over again at your expense (time and money).

Angels Friend is the successful solution.

Your future

Angels Friend s.r.o professionally manages the clinical and administrative procedures involved in your fertility treatment journey, ensuring smoothness and a stress-free process as possible. Our staffs oversee the entire process (medical, documentation, pregnancy care) from the initial consultation to the delivery of your newborn.

Angels Friend takes charge to make your dream comes true


Financial transparency is Angels Friend’s attribute. A complete breakdown of the program cost will be provided detailing all charges for clinical procedures, surrogacy fees, legal and administrative fees, along with any additional costs.


Total cost at each stage makes you in control of your finance at all time.


What we do


The services offered are:

  • IVF treatment arrangements to freeze embryos
  • Surrogacy 
  • Egg donation
  • Fertility treatment for over 50 years old


Procedure done for each service provided is to:

  • study your medical history
  • propose a surrogate
  • arrange the egg donor according to your criteria
  • manage the whole process from the start of the fertility treatment to the birth of your newborn
  • assist in getting the travel document of your newborn

Angels Friend s.r.o arranges all procedures to give Intended Parents the confidence and freedom to focus on what matter most: becoming parents.

IVF Prague

Why choose us


What makes our agency stands out:

    • Selection a tailor treatment with the best chance of success for each patient
    • Personal approach to each patient
    • Embryo Glue included in all embryo transfer
    • Treatment with the best clinics
    • Our team includes previous IP and surrogates
    • Communication and transfer of information efficiently
    • Available 24/7 during the program


Comprehensive process management

From initial consultation to delivery of your newborn, the process is completely organised and overshadowed:

  • Provide surrogate profiles
  • Search for suitable egg donors
  • Organize treatment with clinic and all parties 
  • Manage treatment and prenatal care
  • Organize logistics surrounding delivery
  • Assist in obtaining legal travel documents of your newborn
  • Provide information during the whole process

Immediate action and total support


Our committed team is available to:

  • offer support and advice during your fertility and surrogacy journey.
  • remain in constant communication with the clinic and the surrogate to make certain that every single stage of the program is properly performed.
  • assist 24/7 as soon as the procedure starts.

This awareness minimises the chance of errors and lead to constant updated information as it unfold.


Affordable cost


Our packages include all agency fee, all surrogate and egg donor compensations, clinic costs, prenatal care, delivery and maternity cost and local birth certificate for straight forward and single pregnancy.


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