About us


About us


Angels Friend s.r.o is a medical tourism agency in Europe. Proud to deliver stress free medical journey to worldwide patients in need of urgent or non urgent medical procedures to accomplished full health.

Angels Friend is just different from other medical agencies in the medical tourism sector – Although the headquarter is based in Prague (Czech Republic), our patients’ treatment journey is done in multiple clinics located in different countries around East Europe and are taken care by specialist doctors that are among the best.

A variety of options is offered in various countries such as, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Romania, Turkey, (Ukraine)….  

Angels Friend tailors the services that work best for your particular medical history.

Our service

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The services offered are:

  • Infertility treatments
  • Dentistry
  • Orthopedic surgery 
  • Heart surgery
  • Endometriosis surgery 

Comprehensive management


From initial consultation to your return home, your journey is completely organised and overshadowed:

  • doctors’ appointments
  • treatment day arrangement
  • flights arrangement
  • road transport organisation 
  • outstanding communication 
  • accommodation booking
  • after care management
  • 24/7 Angels Friend assistance

A hard decision made simple


Patient understand that travelling for high medical intervention is an important decision to make therefore and will take some time to reach. 

So many unanswered questions such:

How do I get even get there?

Where will I stay?

How do I even start?

how do I arrange everything in a different country and language?

are enough unanswered questions that find the solutions with Angels Friend.


Angels Friend is your successful solution.

Angels Friend sro organises the treatment journey to give all patient the confidence and the freedom to focus on other matter


Why choose us

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  • We care!
  • Excellent medicine
  • Latest technology
  • Highly specialised doctors
  • High level of care
  • Outstanding patient safety
  • Best clinics to serve you
  • 24/7 availability 

We bring solution to your following problems:

  • previous unsuccessful treatments
  • long patients queue in your home country
  • simply not affordable at home.

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