Find out about our all inclusive IVF service for international clients. Service includes, flights tickets, full IVF cost, full medications…


Egg donation is the only option for a number of women to complete their family. Donors in our/partners database can be matched without delay so your treatment program can start without a delay.


A number of countries limit fertility treatments to women under 50 years old. Angels Friend provides fertility treatments options for women over 50 years old…




Gestational surrogacy uses In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) techniques to fertilize eggs from the intended mother or from a matching egg donor with the sperm sample of the intended father. The resulting embryo is transferred to a surrogate mother who carries the pregnancy until birth. At least one Intended Parent is genetically related to the newborn while the surrogate is not.


Is surrogacy the right treatment for you?


Every heterosexual couple deserves the opportunity to become parents of their own child, regardless of their race, religion, origin or infertility issues.


Surrogacy treatment may be the right treatment in case of medical conditions such as:


  • multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles
  • absence or malformation of the uterus
  • proven medical history of infertility
  • a letter from a gynecologist (doctor) recommending surrogacy
  • proven medical condition that make a pregnancy impossible or risky
  • recurrent pregnancy loss
  • endometriosis
  • … etc


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Our service


Angels Friend provide a complete service including but not limited to:

  • Quick surrogate matching
  • No waiting time for treatment
  • Preparing contracts and documents required before treatment
  • Organizing treatment with clinic
  • Monitoring surrogate during treatment
  • Managing pregnancy period
  • Organizing logistic surrounding delivery




  • Step 1: Information



    Information on surrogacy treatment and procedure are provided to Intended Parents. This information includes the cost and the range of services included.

    A phone consultation is scheduled to discuss the process in depth and address all questions that may arise.

  • Step 2: Approval


    Upon completion of eligibility form available in the contact us page, medical history and previous fertility treatments history is checked to confirm that Intended Parents qualify for surrogacy treatment under Czech Republic laws.


  • Step 3: Contract and payment


    Your choice to enter into our surrogacy treatment with Angels Friend is made at this stage.

    The profile of a surrogate candidate is presented to Intended Parents for approval.

    A written agreement with Angels Friend is signed

    The first payment is made to start the treatment.

  • Step 4: Medical screening and stimulation


    First, Intended Parents and their surrogate undergo thorough medical screening supervised by the clinic.


    Intended mother own eggs: fertility drugs and daily injections are taken to stimulate ovaries.


    Egg donor: the egg donor chosen from the egg donor profiles matching closely your criteria takes fertility drugs and daily injections to stimulate ovaries.


    In the meantime, your surrogate undergoes endometrium preparation for embryo transfer.

  • Step 5: Pregnancy


    Following Embryo Transfer 14 days earlier, pregnancy is confirmed by blood test: your surrogate mother becomes your Angel Friend.

    Intended Parents are informed at each stage of the pregnancy.

    Your Angel Friend is relocated to the city of delivery toward the end of pregnancy.

  • Step 6: Birth


    Logistic surrounding delivery is arranged


    Your coordinator is available at the hospital for support and administrative duties


    Documents required to established the newborn passport are released to the parents

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