International surrogacy

Our combine surrogacy experience covers 25 countries around the world:

Argentina Austria Australia Belgium
Bulgaria Canada China Croatia
France Germany Greece Hong Kong
Hungary Ireland Israel Japan
Luxembourg Poland Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland UK USA

Positive experience and professionalism are guaranteed during your journey.

Why choose international surrogacy in Czech Republic?

Health benefit

Health benefit


Angels Friend only works with clinics where IVF and surrogacy techniques are tailored to individual patient.

Successful results is our only goal for each treatment. Surrogacy at Angels Friend is a mean to provide fertility treatments to couples in need to complete their family.


The culture in Czech Republic is to provide medical excellence – Czech Republic is among the top countries in Europe in gynecology and obstetrician care.

Surrogates are thoroughly screened medically and psychologically.


In addition 100% of our surrogates are more careful during pregnancy, by not doing what they would normally do with their own pregnancy. They feel they are accountable to themselves, to us as the agency and to you as the Intended Parents – They give their best from the start of the process to the happy end.


Finally, Czech Republic have a strict national legislation regulated by the State Institution of Drug Control (SKUL); Czech Republic is a European Union member, and their fertility clinics are governed and underpinned by the European Convention of Human Rights and European Commission (EC) directives.

Financial benefit

Financial benefit


One of the main reasons couples look for fertility treatment in Czech Republic is the financial difference of the total cost of treatment between home and Czech Republic. So it is important to highlight what service these costs include.


The cost of surrogacy starts from €40000


These costs include full:


agency fee surrogate check-up clinic cost for IVF
surrogate accommodation surrogate compensation legal advice and contract signing
surrogate medications surrogate travel prenatal care
delivery cost maternity care  

All surrogates are thoroughly screened psychologically and medically.  So less than 40% are registered in our database. This gives Angels Friend the confidence to introduce premium candidates to all Intended Parents.


Legal implication

Legal implication


As international fertility treatment is not regulated by international laws, couples should be familiar with the law of their country of origin or residence to understand the procedure to be recognized as the legal parent of the newborn.


USA and UK governments set comprehensive guidelines and laws governing international surrogacy. Both countries have procedures to obtain the newborn travel document.


Citizens of certain countries can adopt the newborn in their home country. On the other hand an adoption can be filed in Czech Republic to establish their parental rights, which may take approximately a year to complete. Biological Parents and newborn follow the adoption procedure from their home country.


Angels Friend is confident  that a solution to get home with the newborn is available for 99% of citizens around the world.

For more information contact us.


Life in Czech Republic

Life in Czech Republic


Clinics’ staffs in Czech Republic speak different languages to welcome international patients. Documents presented to international patients are in English. Some of the clinics also provide documents in other foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic…


A high percentage of the population in major cities speak English. Czech citizens are quiet and open-minded population that like to enjoy quality time in restaurant with a barrel of beer.


Everyday products are relatively good value for money compared to Western Europe or the USA. A full meal in quality restaurants can be served for less than €10. Accommodation standard is high quality and cost less than €25/night for a couple.


Visiting and attractions costs are just a fraction of the prices in West Europe or the USA. So enjoying and relaxing during your treatment journey in Czech Republic is very affordable.


Clearly, international fertility treatment in Czech Republic with Angels Friend s.r.o is extremely beneficial in term of:

  • finance – Lower costs in Czech Republic are driven by lower compensations, lower cost of specific services and lower cost of medications compared to the USA and West Europe.
  • fresh start – rediscovering your partner again for a fresh start after a probable long stressing period.
  • vacation – having a break to refresh away from all the stress at home. All the attractions and outdoors activities can be undergone at affordable costs. 


Having fun, getting more relaxed and having fresh air away from home help to produce positive hormone leading to having good quality embryos. This is more valuable than anything else! What do you think?


Contact us for further details or register here to start your journey.

Taking into account the total costs of a like for like surrogacy between a western European country or the USA and Czech Republic, no doubt Czech Republic comes top by far. The other benefit of choosing international fertility treatment in Czech Republic is the escape from all the stress surrounding your everyday life. Positive hormones generated during the trip could play a valuable role on the quality of embryos obtained during your treatment.

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